Any Word on Tubbys for the new DLC?

I missed them in BL:TPS. Hope one day they can make a surprise debut.
Here’s one from BL2 so as to not forget them :smile:

Please bring back the Tubbys in BL:TPS


Please gearbox, put tubby psycho of bl2 with badass trojan

op8 tubby and a harold, sigh I miss the good old days.

They are in the game they just don’t drop anything

nobody drops anything lol. go back to the vending machines


Chubbys are in the game, but not Tubbys. And Chubbys are almost non-existing in the game.
To me, Chubbys are like not a part of the game at all. I’ve only seen one in all my tons of hours of farming.
In farming the R&D map: I’ve gotten like at least 3 legendaries from the chests and at least 4 Legendary CMs drops from Stalker X-STLK-23. But I’ve only seen just one Chubby.

And I agree that his loot pool is not worth farming. The time I met the Chubby, all he dropped was a green and white weapon and 6 units worth of moonstones. Here’s the lone Chubby I’ve met and long time ago:

So I would like to see Tubbys or their equivalent in BL:TPS with an equivalent loot pool to BL2.
All I can do I just wish and hope for the best. (Please, Please Gearbox :smile: ) .

Tubbys are the same thing with a different name and better drops

Since the only one you see in the game is in Hyperion’s Research and Development I’m wondering if Hyperion is responsible for chubbiest and tubbies…. That could explain why there aren’t any more in the game but quite a few in 2.

I sometimes wonder if the Chubbys could be glitched. Don’t know why they are so ultra rare since they were almost common in BL2. Tubbys were introduced late in BL2, so I’m hoping the same case would be for BL:TPS.

Yes along with LLM’s

Chubbies are in the game and they drop unique skins I believe. That’s what I got from the one I’ve seen

I’ve only seen three and all they dropped is Oz kits basically

That would be awesome, but wouldn’t be holding my breath on that.
Since the game already has chubbys, (although super rare via glitch or whatever reasons), I’m hoping at least we get the Tubbys in UVHM with future updates or the new DLC coming up soon.
And if we do get Tubbys, hope they’ll have a similar or equivalent loot pool and spawn rate to BL2.

Maybe we see some LLM when we visit in Claps mind

That would be great, but again, wouldn’t be holding my breath on that.
Or it would be awesome if we get something equivalent to the LLMs, but with different names or themes that better suit BL:TPS. I wouldn’t mind if we don’t get them in the March 24 DLC, but in a future update.

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OMG! I thought that these things didnt existed in TPS!