Any work arounds for using xbox controllers w/ macs?

I’ve started using my macbook more for games off of Steam and, as I’m more of a console person, I’m way over my head using mouse and keyboard and etc. I know there’s a Steam controller out there but I wanted to check here first to ask, is there any way to use my xbox 360 or xbox one controllers with my macbook? I googled around a little and it sounds like it’s possible but there needs to be some adapter involved and I can’t tell if that that woks on mac. Does anyone know of any solutions with what I’ve got at my disposal? Or should I just buy the Steam controller?

Thanks all.

The Steam controller is nothing like a console controller and can’t really be used like one.

You need drivers for the xbox controller, thought Mac doesn’t have official drivers like Windows.

Yes it’s possible. You are going to need to install drivers for a 360 controller to be recognized by your Mac. I believe Tattiebogle makes one. The driver comes in the form of a disc image you have to mount and install. I believe there is also a pad mapper in the appstore you can download for controllers as well ( not sure if this is on top of or in lieu of other drivers ).

This article may be of some use to you as well, appears to give a few options.

(ps…I know how you feel, and that’s why I play Borderlands on PC with a controller, but in my case I use a PS3 pad instead)