Any Xbone players left?

Is anyone still playing on Xbone and interested in running Takedowns, Trials, Slaughters, etc? Mayhem 10/11.

I don’t play co-op too often, but damn, finding a game even with randos these days is tough.

Post here if you are still playing and interested in running.

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I would be down for some runs if we can work out the scheduling. Would prefer to connect via Xbox live as it seems to have fewer connectivity issues.

Don’t really need much in the way of gear at this point. Just farming the nearly nonexistent god rolls.

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PC players are an option as well. I have seen wildly mixed bag reviews about it but my only experience with PC/XB1 crossplay was tolerable.

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@vCarpeDiemv Do you mind explaining to me (I am sure other people might be confused too) exactly how you go about matchmaking with PC via Shift? I either have not been able to figure it out, or perhaps I have tried it correctly but not found a lobby or something. Since you have used it I figured you might be able to explain.

@Mugsy1103 I’m down, I am on east coast US, so EST. I can’t remember, are we friends on Xbox? My GT is Los Serpientes.

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I just added someone as a friend via Shift and they were able to join my game. I would assume if you have crossplay enabled and your game on public PC players should be eligible to find your game no?

West Coast US and schedule is pretty flexible atm. Will send you a PM.

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Hey, i’m on Xbox en Play alot!
Send me am invite


@vCarpeDiemv I just figured I must be doing it wrong. There HAVE to be people playing Mayhem 11 on EITHER Xbone or PC, right? I mean, I am finding zero games when I try to matchmake with randos. That seems weird to me, so I figured I must be doing something wrong and maybe you could tell me how you did it. This cross-play system is not super comprehensible to me in general. I might be old af LOL.

@Tsjappie @Mugsy1103 Friended both of you. Glad to hook up and play.

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I’m on everyday for a bit, mostly farming but am up for anything

I play daily so feel free to add me on Xbox, gamertag is Juradic.

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@Juradic I’ll do it, and I am still playing for at least a little bit most days, occasionally for a few hours.

add me if u want, i need to run arms race in hopes of getting. Level 72 m10 boogeymans and tizzys. But i have had no luck so far

@PeterL2014 Hey I’ll be glad to send you a Tizzy or two. I don’t like the Tizzy and have several.

@tysonyar. Yes plz gt is PeterL2014

@PeterL2014 any particular flavor of boogeyman? Think I have a couple spares saved on a mule that I could send your way.

Will be later in the week before I am home and can send.

@Mugsy1103. I prefer fire or rad but ill im fine with any type ty

I play almost daily, during evenings (EU time). Feel free to add me: Essavias.

However, I mostly spend my time either farming Hermi for Company Man, or Ruiner for eridium/flippers/harolds.

@PeterL2014 Is there anything specific you’re looking for as far as Tizzy? I may not have the anoint but I have several elements IIRC. Will do my best to oblige.

@tysonyar. mostly want corrosive and fire,but will take whatever ,annoint doesnt matter, thanks in advance

I sent you 2 or 3.