Any XboxOne players want to team up?

I’m looking for some battle born players on Xbox One to PvP or PvE with. Don’t care who you are as long as you have a positive attitude . After many a battle of incursion, most of which a well coordinated team stomped on me, I decided it was about time to find some other players to have fun and kick A** ( I don’t know if curse words are monitored or flagged). I main Phoebe or Deande but can play anyone. My gamer tag is CannierTea (Xbox given name and I’m too lazy to change it).

do you want to play heliophage on advanced? looking for players.

I’m down for both ill add you

Fairly new player, want to beat things on hardcore or advanced
dosnt matter the level, just looking for dependable team mates

Hitme up gt choosingaverage

I’m always up for a game, feel free to add/friend me, same name as here: Gunsmoke1084
I typically play Boldur, Montana or Klesse, but slowly learning everyone. I’m in desparate need of an ALL Eldrid team for my Boldur lore challenge. solo and duo doesn’t work, I think it has be all 5 team members.