Any1 down for Operation missions speed run (PC)

Since the community is quite small on PC and (probably) most of them post comments and topics in here, I think that I might find 2 more players to play with the help of GBX forums.

sooo… anyone wanna do a speedrun of all Operation missions ?
Or better yet the story mode ?
PC gamers Unite !

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i don’t play that much anymore but i want to get back to it anyways (especially when the fall update comes). i can’t play that much but feel free to add me, my Steam ID is Lehonay :slight_smile: also i mostly play pve

Ping that Wisecarver guy on Steam, that BB Nut does OP more than anyone.

not more than me

…You sure? I do OPs on two Steam accounts.

i know, anklebones

…Yup, oldest Steam account, it’s precious.