any1 with a bladed grog any level? for melee zer0

does anyone have a bladed grog they can trade I really need one for my zer0 any level works just for healing and knifing. thx in advance. psn-Dearinsanityy-- ps4

The grognozzle is a mission item. Unless you use a save editor to the mod the grognozzle into the game, you can’t trade it. Saving items into the games is against console terms and conditions so this should be avoided.

I would reccommend farming the mission before keeping one. The mission is a side mission that is part of the 4th DLC. Tiny Tina’s assault dragons keep. The side mission is called “the Beard Makes the man” and it is located in the mines of avarice. To unlock this mission you have to do part of the mission “Dwarven Allies”. This is a main storyline mission however you don’t have to complete this mission. Once you have picked up this side mission never complete becuase once complete it will get rid of the gun. Anyway for more information on how to mission look it on youtube. Will be here forever if I try to explain it all.

Anyway hope this helped!

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No, tradeable legit grogs do exist. They dropped for a short time during the loot hunt. There not able to be attained in this manner anymore but legit trade-able grogs do exist. There just really really rare and impossible to distinguish from the ones you mentioned.

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OK, Fair enough.

However, as you mentioned they are extremely rare and impossible to distinguish. Going on that fact farming the mission would be the most logical way to go about this situation

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The missionaries has randomised parts each reset. Farming the mission would pointless.

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I will go ahead and say this your bet best wouldn’t be to use the grogs from the mission but just to farm a bladed Rubi instead. Rubi will work just fine for melee zero and was the original choice before the Grog became actually attainable for a short time. Rubi should fully heal with a single melee anyways. Grog is and always has been overkill for Melee Zero.

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okay thanks

Only because this thread has such Intriguing responses. I’ll help you out man. I have an oringal 100k loot hunt Op8 Evisceration Grog. I wanna say it’s 52.1% slag chance with Maliwan Grip :wink: add me on Psn with Message oPROFESSIONALo

Overkill or not I’d rather have the grog. Rubi isn’t gonna one hit heal you. And op8 you kinda need overkill unless you’re an experienced vault hunter.

If you want a bladed rubi I can help you out.

PSN: xkaos-syco

I disagree about a bladed ruby melee not fully healing you in hit (assuming your Melee Zero is speced half decent) but i definitely agree with you that the Grog is the better option by far.

@BigBadDogIV But… But like I said and you* just said, bladed grog no spec at all none at all*>rubi…

Got a few at op8, open to trades

Psn DanNysAmber

ill trade for an op8 one. I have a few op8 weapons I can give for one. ill two for one. or three for one.

I Know… I just said that O_o… I’m not sure where the confusion is here O_o… There was no contradiction in my statement. Rubi will still fully heal you with one melee but Grog will do it too and do it better.

Just to be clear you are remembering that melee is by no means your only source of damage/healing with a traditional melee focused build right? A big source of your healing will be from stormfronts. You are remembering this right?