Anybody else feel like fall deaths should be negative score, not a kill?

Seems kinda silly that somebody could fall out of the map at the start of a round, and simply never be able to find the other player if they’ve got the right loadout for strategic hiding, but have the other player win as if they’d got a kill. Maybe it’d be better to have a fall death not caused by enemy damage/explosion count as a negative point to the player instead of a positive point to the opponent? Plenty of the new players in the test are complaining about the pits as is, this might mitigate it somewhat.

But a negative point = enemy point. The only difference is how its displayed

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Unless the enemy caused the fall, it shouldn’t be an enemy score point because the enemy didn’t score. Environmental hazards are all fine and dandy, but really, every single critique of the map design I’ve seen on this forum has included the pitfalls in the ranked maps. I just think it’s silly to award a kill point to the other player for bad movement on the first player’s part. If I spend five minutes walking into a hole, they didn’t get the ten+ kills their score indicates.

Plenty of other games allow for things like assists and suicide counts; it wouldn’t be difficult to implement the same idea here. Somebody making a mistake and falling should be penalized; this is not the same thing as rewarding the other guy for nothing. Explosion force bouncing is already a thing, so why not use it tactically? If you can aim a rocket that pushes the other player’s jump into a pit instead, that should be a point, and not hard to accomplish code-wise. It’ll also give more tactical use to things like the telepod and the double jump - if you don’t have a way back up out of the pits you’re gonna stay farther away from them.


I see what you’re getting after Gonzobot. Like, in Quake or CS or any other FPS for that matter, when you die by suicide, your current score is subtracted by 1. The enemy’s score stays the same, but yours diminishes. However, if your opponent is the one that damages you, either by melee strike or an AoE weapon, like a rocket and that causes you to fall, the opponent gets the point while your score stays the same.

I personally wish a fall didn’t effect the score at all. But a fall death should negate one of your own points just to keep people from using it as an escape method. The other person shouldn’t benefit from it tho.

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To be honest, if the enemy ain’t cause a fall ( With a rocket blast or stepping on your head (Yep, that’s possible) ) it should do -1 to the kill count. If the enemy is the cause of the fall, here he’s got +1 kill. But in the end, the effect is the same, you fall, you get a penality for it. Fall with 1hp and recover 100 with a intetionnal fall with no penality…

Since it’s 1v1, it doesn’t matter much. -1 to 5 is the same as 0 to 6

The thing is, you won’t get to -1. You should not be able to go below 0. This way, you can’t win if you don’t score.

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