Anybody else get die a bit inside when a bot kills and taunts you

I know I sure do. Deez bots aint got not no respect fo the game.

Yup. Pretty bad getting killed by a bot in the first place, but to then have it taunt you… Especially if it was a cheap kill.

Lol that’s even more funny than when an actual player taunts you.

I’ve actually seen bots do some pretty quality maneuvers, so I don’t get too upset haha.
Played a game the other night where a bot Phoebe was effectively using the pillars on Monuments to stage quick hit and run attacks. To me that’s surprising considering I’ve seen players just charge right down the lane with no tactic whatsoever.

I also enjoy the fact that they taunt almost every chance they get, which I find hilarious.

Never ^^. +You only die vs bots if you make a mistake (positioning, timing, no-awareness, kill-hunting-no-matter-what or you go 1 vs 3).

Or if your Kleese on Echelon against 2 Ghalt that grab you around every corner … ya know, like I was

Ohhh Bots. I thought you meant like when a Minion kills you and then fist pumps like it just won the lottery, which I find hilarious.

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no but I actually die a bit more on the inside when a minion kills me.
Sometimes its because I chase someone down into the back of their own base for ■■■■■ and giggles which I’m totally fine with … I was a tunnel visioned idiot.
But when Im a large character like Kleese and I have full health but I’m being bodyblocked by my own minions and the enemy minions round the corner … I just sit back in disbelief about what is going to happen.

Not when it’s 2 Whiskeys and a Montana criting the ever life out of you because they can crit you no matter how much you bounce around

I almost lost a bot battle last night. Couldn’t believe it, meltdown 300-268 and we were losing at some points in the game. My whole team mobbed around together and seemed to ignore the fact that there were two lanes. I was playing as Reyna to get the “Win as support” quest and couldn’t hold the opposite grinder on my own effectively. The bots kept spawning elite minions and my team was always on the wrong side to counter them. I usually don’t ping locations or enemies but I was spamming every time I came upon a mob of minions escorted by an elite bot by myself. If I was lucky one person broke off of the mob and came to help, which was never enough to repel the advance. But yeah, the taunting makes me laugh.

Lost a capture match in Bot Battle because the other players were chasing kills instead of claiming objectives. I ended up 1 on 3 a number of times because chasing kills is a good way of getting hit from behind. :frowning:

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