Anybody else is having problems with matchmaking?

I tried it today for the first time and it doesn’t find any games. Just says matchmaking mode initializing and shows the loading icon. I’m searching in N. America. EDIT Seems that restarting the game fixed it, but it would be nice if they fixed this bug.


Same issue.

I have joined some games but most of the time it just searches and searches and never finds anything…


I’ve tried matchmaking several times and haven’t gotten anywhere. Just keeps on spinning the icon…


It’s currently mid-october and I still can’t find a match.
Any luck with you?

Well I know myself and a lot of other Moze players have simply stopped playing after the developers decided to make her useless.

Most former Moze mains I know are now playing other games.

it seems to me like your box doesn’t want to address this issue publicly and they seem to make it hard to find the post complaining about it

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Yeah, I’ve been having a big problem with matchmaking the Circles & Proving Grounds.
For instance, today – got this infinite loading screen in the matchmaking menu –

Menu should look like this –

Messed around for what seemed like hours (even went in solo but final wave wouldn’t start on proving grounds, maybe 'cause I was too slow clearing it solo?)

I went in ‘duo’ with an alt that hadn’t picked up the proving ground mission & picked it up. Back on my main, I finally got into a group & finished it. PITA!

FWIW – not sure if game needs to be set on ‘Public’ and ‘Cooperative’ but figured it might help & those were the settings I used to try & get it to work.


I’m still having this issue as well. I didn’t have it until probably 3-4 weeks ago. Now I just get a spinning green circle as CDR_Shepard shows above. I tried switching my settings with no luck.

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same problem here, spent like 3 hours yesterday playing the campaign, found only one match and waws “kicked by host” after 15 seconds.

I have read that i might have a connection issue, like needing to open ports on my router, but … hey dudes, i doubt most players in a gaming community do such things…

From what i read i’m not the only one in this case, and in most games (at least the popular ones) i have zero problems finding or hosting games in P2P…

So i guess if i need to configure my livebox it’s a difficulty that shouldn’t happen in a popular game, i just hope it’s not just that people don’t bother playing matchmaking random games…

I’ve got an issue where everytime i join somebody’s Maliwan Takedown game through matchmaking I end up not being able to move/shoot whatever. I’m just standing in my spawn point. Anyone else had the same thing? It’s never worked for me so far.

Is there a fix for this yet? Tried several times since I’ve owned the game and only managed to get into one game. It’s really annoying!