Anybody else run into this Moze/Iron Bear Bug?

  • Hop into Iron Bear
  • Get immediately ejected (this is a pretty old known bug)
  • Moze is now stuck in place. She can turn around, shoot, toss grenades - but can’t move in any direction
  • Proceed to die over and over
  • If you somehow manage to survive this long enough for Iron Bear to come back, you can go into Iron Bear and you’ll finally be able to move again.
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That’s a new one to me.
Though today’s patch is supposed to fix the immediate ejection thing

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Not encountered this specific bug before, but too many times I’ve experienced the following:

  • Enter Iron Bear
  • Exit Iron Bear
  • Game crashes

Thats good, definitely screwed me over a couple times in the raid. Also looks like Stainless Steel Bear is going to start buffing IB damage

I’ve had this happen before but it’s been a long time. It’s certain death unless you can somehow survive long enough to get iron bear back (unlikely on mayhem).

I avoid the instant eject by jumping before I press the action skill button. Rarely have it happen anymore.

Yea the SSB fix is big. And I got confirmation that they are working to fix DM in IB. Watch them fix it but make it so it’s based off of IB’s health :sweat_smile:

Same, but it hasn’t been happening too often lately.

Hey everyone, check today’s patch notes. Apparent fix for SSB and a fix for moze getting ejected on entry.