Anybody else unable to play? [PS4]

For some reason I’m unable to start the game up. I’m not sure if it’s a Battleborn server problem or PS Network. Anybody having trouble or is it just me?


Ii can’t get on PSN, when I do an internet connection test it says PSN sign-in is successful but it aint.

Never mind I’m in, PSN seems to be working again.

I’ve got problem too, with battleborn connexion and PSN

If just kicked me back out and I got a message saying that PSN is undergoing maintenance, despite this the PSN site says that the next scheduled maintenance is on the 26th and all services are up and running. Ugh, PSN has been so unreliable for as long as it’s existed, no wonder so many people converted to Xbox…

If you can’t get n PSN you wont be able to play Battleborn, it’s online only.

I am having the same struggles.

It’s not just me! That makes me feel better. Amt my ps4 isn’t set as my primary, so I literally can’t play anything when I’m offline :frowning:

More PS peoples! Since we’re all here, feel free to add me when (if) PSN starts working again.

Left work early to come home and play and ■■■■ is down
Could he another huge ass ddos like the one that happened last night
Im all for hacking but ddos is such a ■■■■■■■■ easy thing to do that requires no skill . . .
Probably some 10yo having fun on his mom dell

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be funny if this is the end for PSN. lol

That said, I’m disappointed. I wanted to farm some more OPs Missions before they tone down the drop rates :< oh wells.

Yeah, been having both BB and PSN connection issues since 5 am this morning on PS4.

Quite annoying.

I remember a few years back when some “hacking” group called the lizard squad or some ■■■■ were bragging about how they shut down PSN for like two hours because of a DDOS, WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Lol losers.

I’m upset that they’re gonna tone them down after them not dropping for a week, I’m planning to hoard my commander packs until the final op (and confirmation that the associated legendaries do drop) then I’m gonna spend a whole day opening a few hundred (I assume I’ll have that many by then) and hopefully get every pack legendary in the game!

I’m actually in a group message chat with you right now on PSN. Saw your name pop up when someone else added you.

Just going to put this here:

The one with the pics of DLC skins?

Yup. My name should be pretty obvious.

I’ll add you when PSN comes back online.

The people who do this must be very proud of themselves, such an accomplishment to mildly inconvenience and irritate people for a short period of time. Good on them, doing the human race proud.

Yea. I still cannot get on
I’m on PSN, but cannot start a BB session

F**king hackers.