Anybody Going to Play Fortnite?

I’m going to see if anyone is streaming Fortnite on Twitch tonight. I’m definitely interested in the game and might pick it up. Anybody else have it/planning to buy it for Xbox?

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Not for XBOX. Maybe for PC or PS4, for the longest time I was under the impression that it was a free to play though.

I heard It’s going to be free to play next year.

On-topic: I will be getting Fortnite on the PC for my birthday (Which is in September.)

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Yeah it’s going to be free to play but the paid version has a bunch of bonuses and stuff.

Oh also instead of finding a stream last night after work I just played Roller Coaster Tycoon for two and a half hours so…yeah…

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If it was free to play, I would already have played it. As it stands now, I know too little about it to want to venture the cash on it. It’s, what, a cartoony 7 Days to Die?

I’d like to play it, and it would be Xbox if I do, but all things being considered, it strikes me as one of those games I would have to play with friends or I would lose interest very quickly. And I can’t get those jerks to play anything!. Pretty much gonna be flying solo when Monster Hunter Worlds comes out.

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I bought Fortnite, but my Xbox is currently under siege by a dog.


So… How is it?

Na looks like another pointless grind fest. If you want the best loot you have to pay money. Otherwise good luck. It might change, but for now it looks boring and repetitive.

The core gameplay is a lot of fun, the art style is colourful and cartoony, and I personally like most of the characters (but people have disagreed with me on that).

The UI is really cluttered and confusing right now, and the tutorial doesn’t do a great job teaching you how to craft. There are a lot of controls that feel like they’d be much more natural with a mouse and keyboard setup over a controller. Public lobbies are horrendous, so it’s best to play with some friends who won’t rush the missions or stray too far from you.

It needs a bit of work, but there’s definitely a good game in here.


Is it a game you can play solo or is co-op the main goal here? I always seem to have issues finding other players as it is for Battleborn or Borderlands. I have really random hours that I can get in front of my Xbox or PS4 :neutral_face:

It can be played solo, but missions will take a lot longer since you have to gather all your resources, rescue survivors, build your fort, and then defend and repair it all by yourself. It’s certainly doable, but you’ll be spending a lot more time in game. Any resources you save do carry over to the next mission, so that’s nice.

Personnal opinion: Good potential but far from ready. I bought it, don’t do that mistake.

You pay for Early Access, the “finished” game will (or should) be released and F2P in 2018. And the current game has many issues.
The gameplay itself (when you are in a mission) is nice but everything around it need major fixes/re-work.
I strongly recommend waiting for a few major updates to roll in before jumping on this game because right now it really feels broken and incomplete.
I believe they can do something pretty neat, it all depends on which direction they take.

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