Anybody got an extra Legendary Cat? I have some other class mods I don't need

Yeah so I’ve been farming these tubbies for a while now but no Legendary Cat mods for me. I have some other class mods I got which are Lv 62-69. Currently at Lv70 right now, so a Cat class mod below or slightly above my level would be best.

Lv68 Legendary Gunzerker
Lv65 Legendary Titan
Lv65 Legendary Roboteer
Lv64 Legendary Catalyst
Lv69 Legendary Nurse
Lv62 Legendary Binder
Lv67 Legendary Torch
Lv69 Legendary Pointman
Lv68 Legendary Sniper

I also have some other lower level Legendaries if anybody is interested in that. Hit me up on PSN if you want to trade, I’m on right now.

PSN: LOLbasaur

Closest thing I have is a 72.

I don’t mind, I just turned 72. I have some other ones I haven’t put on the list yet, like Legendary Hoarder so let me know if you’re looking for anything not on the list. How much SMG damage does it have?

I have some OP8 ones. I’d be interested in other OP8 mods if anyone has some.

What mods you looking for?