Anybody have an antifreeze?

Seriously at my wit’s end trying to get the boss at the end of the trial of discipline to drop it and I’ve been going for 3 days now, if anyone has an extra to spare I’d be more than grateful… Don’t care if it’s anointed or what abilities I’ll only going for it because I’m going for every legendary in the game and that’s one of the ones I’m missing.

Hey dude, got one for ya :smiley:

PSN: EzioILMentore

Omg you’re awesome! My PSN is Rivet_Skull go ahead and add me and I’ll use my mobile app to accept your request as I’m at work

Now I can finally move onto the last one I need which is the Zheitsevs Eruption

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It’s in your ingame mail :slight_smile: enjoy it !