Anybody Have Funny (If Not Practical) Helixes?

While experimenting with the characters I try to master, I sometimes experiment and put together things that, while they may not be effective in the long run, are a blast to use in a good group.

I have a whole build for Rath I dub ‘Cannonball Rath,’ with the tri-spread Catalytic Smash, the flip before the smash, and the extended range. Initiate combat by flipping into battle and creating a massive tsunami of red that potentially disrupts their entire enemy team for a second or two. Chain it with the lesser-used double jump, and you’re a soaring eagle of battle blitzing into combat from the air.

For Marquis, I had a build that I only used when one of my buddies played Ghalt, where he would cloak his traps, I would cloak my owls, and we would put all our defenses at a single choke point. Coupled with the five total owls and the AOE damage later down the helix, we could one-shot any Battleborn that stepped in the radius without them even knowing what hit them. It was hilarious whenever we got it to work.

For Orendi (my current character I’m trying to master,) I pumped Nullify in a very unusual way when playing with a gang of friends. Get the push effect, the directional push, and the fire walk, along with any damage increasing effects for Nullify, and you’ve got one of the best (and funniest) rescue moves in the game. Any time a friend was in danger, I would flank from the side and just dive tackle whoever was giving them a hard time, leaving behind a trail of flames in my wake. I felt like a homicidal goblin whenever I used it, and saved plenty of lives with it, despite it not really being the best use of my points.

Anybody else have strange helixes that make for interesting results?

I actually refrain from using Smash from the air at all. More often than not it seems to have vertical targeting issues and basically “Smashes” the air ABOVE the heads of my targets and wastes the skill.

I keep meaning to try the Stun version of Smash but I always chicken out because I don’t want to try and hit a Crossblade before Smashing haha.

Trust me, his stun is one of the best things in his kit. Just don’t rely on it from long-range, because the Crossblade can definitely be difficult to aim. I always go with Anger’s Echo whenever I pick the stun, get that extra chance for a hit in in case they jump over it and think they’re safe.