Anybody having weird freezes and stutters after the hotfix? [XBOX ONE X]

My game was fine in the morning when I was playing and farming around 1 PM est but after I am assuming the hotfix applied when I took a break and got back on ( I originally didnt know there was a hotfix today) I have been getting really weird and bad stutters on my xbox. It wouldnt crash but everything on the screen freezes for a minute then goes back to normal. I never had that issue before. I restarted the game many times and the only thing I can think is of that minor hotfix that was applied. Anybody else experiencing this?

I haven’t noticed anything and I played quite a bit last night. Try powering down your Xbox and then start it again.

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I’ve been having this issue occasionally since launch, so it’s not the hotfix. Generally, it happens when I’ve had the game running for several hours and I’m in a place with lots of structures and enemies firing elemental weapons. The turntable house in Konrad’s hold is a good example: between the abundance of elemental weapons and structures that obscure other things, the GPU gets a real work out.

I’m pretty sure it’s not my Xbox I’ve restarted it plenty times. Never had this issue before and don’t have it with the other games I play… it makes almost unplayable I guess I’m gonna have to play without the hot fix and hope it goes away.

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For me the lag, stutter and freeze hasn’t stopped since the day of release over 6 months ago.


Just logged on to download the new second DLC and waited for the hotfix sign to popup before continuing my game. It now stutters. Never had this issue before, beat the game on TVHM, finished Handsome Jackpot, played through the Maliwan Takedown multiple times…no issue prior.

For some reason now I have the stutter. I have hard reset my xbox and launched the game directly from the disc menu. Still a stutter.

How do i remove the hotfixes?

The only way to play without the hotfix is to disconnect from the internet. However, most of what was in previous hotfixes was rolled in to today’s update so playing without the hotfix mostly means not having the current increased anointments drop rate (and some other tweaks/buffs).

I would suggest to anyone having issues to do a power reset on your XB1 - the game just seems to run better if you do this periodically. I do get weird video freezes occasionally - and have done since launch - but these clear up pretty nicely after clearing the system cache via a power reset.

I resolved my stuttering issue by turning off all the echo cast settings. The game runs smooth as it did before.

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I’ll be damned… That fixed it. Thanks! I didn’t even notice they’d added those settings. Soon as I turned them all off, went back to game, stuttered like 2 times real quick right off the bat, and then hasn’t done it since.

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Glad to hear your issue was resolved in the same way mine was. I think I read somewhere, during the first week of the games initial launch, that the social notifications could cause performance issues in the game. I guess this new DLC has a similar issue for the Xbox One and with the new echo cast settings.

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Ever since the last update it is like am playing a game with horrible lag. It stutters all the time.

Hard rebooted the Xbox and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. No change. Still just as laggy and stutters all over.

Never had any noticeable issues until this last update.

This. It only happens when the hotfix is applied.

I’ve actually had many of the slight slowing freeze frames here and there ever since the latest “hot fix”. It looks similar to when I play Borderlands 2 and someone in the party uses a Grog Nozzle + Hive combo or a Mongrel rocket and my xbox wants to freeze. It’s like Borderlands 3 is moments from crashing. Also I’ve noticed that when I’m under heavy attack and running away and try switching weapons, my directional button seems to have lag or not respond immediately.

I thought my directional button was having issues but in any other game it works perfectly, especially in Street Fighter 5. In Borderlands 3 it works well in normal situations but once I’m under heavy fire and jumping around for cover, my directional button has a lag or requires many presses to switch weapons. It’s quite weird and never had issues like that until the latest hot fix. Anyone else experienced that?

Do you mean the D-Pad? I’ve had horrendous problems with that in BL2 on my original 360, and I almost put my XB1 controller through the screen playing Fallout 4 (of all things) because of it. It’s great when it works, but it always decides to go wonky on me and think left means up whenever stuff is going down.