Anybody here use Moze than run tediore homing mirv builds?

I’m curious if anybody has tried out a build utilizing tediore homing mirv shotguns

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I was wanting to but the game stopped dropping them for me.

Yea they’re very hard and rare to come by. You need to pay attention to every blue and purple weapon in case it’s one you need

I’m using a tediore homing mirv smg to help me strip shields/heal me. Working pretty decently. A shock jackhammer might heal me easier but the homing mirvs are awesome for stripping shields / dealing damage.

I didn’t test extensively, but as far as Tediore builds go for Moze, I preferred to incorporate COV weapons with Forge.

Tediore weapons can run you out of ammo quick, so pairing Forge (and Redistribution) with a COV weapon gives you the backpack ammo regeneration you need to sustain Tediore flinging. Shotgun throwing will provide good damage, but unfortunately there are no COV shotguns to help you replenish your ammo pool.

Fortunately, Tediore has a legendary pistol, the Baby Maker, that I’ve received in the homing MIRV variety. This allows you to bring along a COV pistol to pull ammo up when you’re out, and passively keep it high between engagements.

Even so, I’ve found other builds on Moze to be more effective, but it is nice to incorporate some variety for fun.

Literally got from level 30 to 45 with a Homing Tediore Shotgun. It’s an absolute beast and fun to play with.

I go into a small enclosed space with ~20 enemies and just shoot one round and chuck it over and over.

Killed myself (because the enemies would shoot it out of the sky near me) about 20% of the time but it was worth it.

I tried the cutpurse/facepuncher shotgun build a week or two ago; did a lot of damage, but it can be a little fiddly on mouse and keyboard. I’ve finally accumulated a good set of homing mirv shotguns, so I was going to give it another try using a controller to see if it is more comfortable.

If you’re going to do it, make sure you no spec into forge or cloud of lead as that will making throwing the weapon really inconsistent.