Anybody know all the ship ids in HW1 RM?

Does anyone have a way to see all of the ship ids I.e. kus_mother ship ect?

Well, open HW1Ships.big, there they all are.

What .big opener do you use because when I open it it is blank.

Use a thing called BigDecrypter first, some of the .bigs are still encrypted, that’s why they’re coming up empty.

Tried that before and the Decrypter just said this file is not encrypted

Hmm. Well I personally use unfbig.

I’ll try that thanks

Tried it and it worked

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Has GBX released an official tool that can unpack .big files?
Kinda essential to modding don’t you think?

Modding is impossible without a .big unpacker


Archive.exe in the GBXTools can.

Assuming it’s been decrypted.

They haven’t released a decrypter?

They didn’t need to, we had it within the first week or something.

Edit: yeah, March 2nd, within a week of the Feb 25th release xD