Anybody know the format for custom badges/decals in HW RM?

Dear Devs (or those in the know)…

I am assuming that it will be possible for players to create a custom badge that will be displayed on ships in-game. (This was a cool feature of HW2 and screen shots of RM show the ships with badges on them).

If this is the case; can you please outline the format (ie pixel size, file type and channels necessary etc.) required to make your own badge. HW2 used a format of 64x64 pixels, alpha channel for transperancy in .gif format for example.

Knowing the format now will give all who want to create custom badges something to do instead of chewing their nails waiting for Homeworld RM to arrive :smile:



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Yes, please, could we get a comment from Gearbox about this?

Would very much love to start making badges. :smiley:


I would also very much like to know this

This would be nice. My dad recently got one of those pen gadgets for his PC and Ive been wanting a reason to try it out. I also already have one that was made for me in Space Engineers but fits nicely with HW. Its just probably in the wrong format.

They use tga files now so I guess it will be that.

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This question needs answering!

I used a TGA for the original Homeworld though, didn’t know you could use a GIF :confused:

Very sorry, my memory failed me… must have been TGA…

But what do we know about RM badge format???

I am actually really worried. I haven’t read a single review that mentioned badges.

Badges are the exact same as the original games. Put a folder called “Badges” in your bin/profiles/ directory.

Make it a .TGA with an alpha channel and it will work.

Problem is, only badges 64x64 pixels will work as far as I can tell, meaning they look low-res compared to the remastered versions.

256x256 is the new max size.

hey that did it thanks!