Anybody know what the up/down arrows in the sensor view mean?

I mean those red or green up down arrows. I thought they got turned on with the AITrace, but I think I just never noticed them because this screenshot is from the normal game.

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I think they indicate how the battle is going:

Green up means you are winning, I think…

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Probably right. I followed a ship to see if it was taking or dealing out damage, but I couldn’t really see a direct relation. Maybe there’s a delay though. I think I saw a Battle Momentum Value or something like that in the AItrace, but I have no freaking idea what it is.

Is there maybe a console command that I don’t know about? I’ve been checking the AItrace file separately, but it’s not all that useful actually. It would be better if you could see what the AI is doing in his build queues and stuff like that.

Ask @b8factor, he was doing some AI stuff at one point…

Does he see that now, or do I have to message him?

They should see the @ notification (unless they have it disabled in their preferences).