Anybody left for powerleveling? (Salvadore)

Hi everyone! A couple of years back i was a hardcore borderlands player on ps3 and i played BL1, BL2 and TPS for literaly thousands of hours. I recently picked up the handsome collection and i started with BL2. I am at level 50 and just started UVHM but it is very hard without optimised gear and more skillpoints. Im looking for a powerlevel to 72 and if anyone could do this i would be very greatfull. Back in the day i used to help people a lot with powerleveling with my Salvadore and his 2 Norfleets in the bar room brawl, maybe someone can help me now? I also wanna have someone to play a fresh playtrough with…

PSN on ps4: henkkez

Hey, I’m doing an xp boost lobby today at 11 am west coast time. I’ll boost you too. Psn: thatguysh4rk

Thanks but i think i missed it, ill send you a friends request (henkkez) and i hope we can do it again. Just send me a message when im on. Thanks in advance!

I got a boost from another but i still wanna get boosted in TPS. Any takers?

I know this thread is rather old, but do you mind helping me get my assassin to at least level 72? I’d be awfully greatful if you do and very understanding if you choose not to.