Anybody Please Help!

Please if anyone has a Vosk’s Deathgrip and/or Good Juju Lvl 50 Non Anointed and either dosent want it cause its not Lvl 53 or u have an extra please mail me, they are LITERALLY the last 2 guns i need to have every unique and legendary. Yes i know people will ask why 50 and Non Anointed, its just how i want the items for my collection. Please.

GT - AKlokwrkMrOrnge

Sent you a Deathgrip

Thanks so much i appreciate it, the only thing is its Anointed i know it sounds stupid but im trying to get one Non Anointed. If you want yours back i understand, i can mail it.

I’m pretty certain I have A deathgrip non anointed. Gt Is Ye olde wolf. The only good juju I have is anointed

Sent u a message on XBOX if u can mail that to me, that would be amazing.

Sent it your way

Awesome thank u so much.

Thnks Skavenger for the Deathgrip only need ONE left, the Good Juju if someone has it Non Anointed. Please.

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I will be back in town on Thursday and can send you a juju then if you don’t get one sooner.

That would awesome, still need the Good Juju.

GT - AKlokwrkMrOrnge

I think I got juju and I’m getting rid of my 50s,if I have I’ll send. I’ll have to make sure it isn’t annointed though.

That would be awesome send it on over lol

At OP’s request.