Anybody still play?

Hi guys, first time poster to these parts. I recently started playing BL2 again and am curious to find out if people still play this game? I used to play a lot back in the day and am loving it all over again. I started a new game with the Pyshco class and am level 16 atm. I have a level 50 character from original play also. I was wondering if there are many people still playing this on ps3 as I like to play with people. I have two of the dlc packs and the dlc to max your level higher in case others are wondering.

I’m not interested in duplicating weapons, or cheating. Just want to play with some fun people. My psn is Darren-Madden. Hit me up if there is life out there :smile:

Got you moved to the PS3 section. Happy looting!

Just started playing again too after many months on Elpis. It really is a heckuva game, and holds up well.

Hey I’m out here looking to play and trade that’s all and good fun

if you want we can start a new play through. i’d prob go zero. PSN: Alex_The_Human85

I still play & am looking for players to do raid bosses & stuff. I’m a lvl 53 Mechromancer & Xven_is_KenDo is my PSN. I also have a low lvl gunzerker, hit me up & lets blow up some Bandits