Anybody Tried Green Monster with Flesh Melter Artifact?

And a good High damage splash corrosive gun…maybe Kybs Worth?

Possible to get some synergies rolling??

Possible for sure. Green monster damage increase seems pretty meh though. Flesh melter can definitely be worth it though.

I don’t think the weapon’s elemental damage type was to be corrosive in order for it to work. You will get stacks if you just have the Green Monster equipped or the corrosive damage anointed effect going.

I wonder if they would stack additive…or multiplicatively…

Might be worth a shot with a fire Hose build and something like a big mag corrosive Kybs Worth chucking Ghast Calls constantly.

Especially with all the yellow bars in the Takedown,

Yes but we want it to stack with a flesh melter so we kinda need to make sure we kill with the corrosive part.

I have tried Green Monster with “Flesh Melter Deathless” vs “Last Stand Deathless with +17% AR dmg” using Faisor as my main weapon.

I have better survivability and damage with the “Last Stand Deathless with +17% AR dmg”. If that “Flesh Melter Deathless” has the same +17% AR damage, I would still go with the Last Stand.

I use either a Flesh Melter Otto Idol or Flesh Melter Victory Rush (depending on my build). It works great with my Incendiary ION Laser build. After my shock Hex strips the shields, you watch as hardened badass armor just melts and this is when the laser is set to fire damage. I could make it drop even faster if I swap to corrosive (which I do for bots and loaders).

Release the six projectiles into a mobs face when you hit max corrosive damage and watch them go boom.