Anybody try the Epic Splinter?

The Splinter drops in the last boss fight in a chest.

Didn’t have an anoint…one shot.

Seems terrible in open space.

But Hit a head shot in a confined space and it splinters like CRAZY!

Pellets bouncing all over the place…maybe 20 or so…

Haven’t tested wth additional elemental anoints but maybe even MORE splinters.!

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I’m still sitting on one in my research queue. I take it headshots send lots of fragments out?

I am still doing all of the side quests and challenges and haven’t had a chance to test it completely but in the five minutes down at the range. When I shot a single shot at the head I would get this massive splinter Proc with maybe 20 to 25 pellets flying all over the place.

Haven’t tested it much in the open. And it did seem like the proc was random. Also don’t know whether the pellets home or not.

But when it did Proc, it was pretty impressive. But appeared to be tied to a Crit.

I have found that the epic peashooter and epic Dakota are quite useful on Moze. The problem is a pretty easy to get Flipper, miscreant and gargoyle Pretty much out Class everything. But if you wanted to do an epic only build those two guns might be at the top of the ladder.

Harold is quite good on moze as well with all the splash damage bonuses.