Anybody try the Ogre with the new buff?

Now that they have buffed it…anybody try the Ogre?

Gun could be exceptional with a little love…

I’ve been using it for a long time now for Moze cooldown. I was hoping the buff was for accuracy in all honesty but…
They have 800~1000 damage per bullet now!

I tried it last night, it’s certainly decent for mobbing but I don’t think I would choose it over a Faisor or Boom Sickle as far as Vladof ARs are concerned. Consider that my Ogre in particular has x2 projectiles per shot w/ 125% bonus fire damage in the next two mags and despite that, it was the tortoise in a comparison test (vs Graveward) to the hare of the recently-buffed Firestorm sniper, with the same anointment and in the same build with neutral modifiers each time.

What surprises me though is that Vladof ARs in general could’ve done with a damage increase imho, similar to the 35% buff they provided recently across the entire range of Dahl ARs. With a select few legendary Vladof ARs getting buffed, there’s even less chance of seeing anyone run the Damned for example. And while the Lucian’s Call has its perks and the Shredifier has its own fun factor, I don’t see them being used much at all when the Faisor and Sickle in particular are quite strong now and the Dictator has always been a great bossing AR too.

I have the same annointments on mine. Will have to break it out and give it a try.

I took the ogre through the entire M4 takedown on Moze to include Wotan. And I never changed weapons.

I had an X2 version with 125% fire on exit from IB anoint

That version is absolutely viable now.

I felt like the Kybs still hits a little harder and you miss having the health circles, but the ogre handles so much better and it’s so much easier to aim And visually keep on target. Great to run and gun with.

GREAT change!