Anybody try the Ruby’s Wrath yet?

Patch notes say greatly reduced cooldown on the tracking grenade. GBX must have gotten my love letters.

Did the Freeman always do 10k damage on the card

It was 6k-ish at level 50.

A hidden gem. Mine was 8k at lv50.

Oh yeah, the cooldown is very short now. Much shorter than the duration of the tracking effect.

Finally ready to take its place in the pantheon of Moze weapons.

Might be my new favorite heavy… Always liked it, but there were always much better options. Now I just need to hunt down any and all Atlas splash weapons…

The only ones are the Ruby, Freeman, and their epic counterparts (Pattern Black and Pattern Null).

Incorrect. AX-88 pistols and it’s unique purple, Peacemonger, also fire explosive rounds.

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Never tried the Atlas pistols, so I stand corrected.

They are nothing special, really… More using them for Matched Set.