Anybody up for maggie grind/team up on mayhem 4?

trying to get level 60 mayhem 4 maggie and rebuild my weapons as cant do above mayhem 6 at moment and im iffy at mayhem 5 till i get better gear on mayhem 4

What anointment do you need?

not really picky just want want basic gear to build up from you know and only way to get maggie is by the t-rex which takes long to get to on my own meyhem 4 mode

I have M10 maggies with sntl cryo 100 or 50/150 rad. If you want one send a friend request and I’ll send you one. psn halinglis

you sure ? i dont have much i can offer for 10 i feel but 50/150 rad sounds nice

No worries, just send FR and I send it to you. I’m pretty set for gear at the moment.

yeah my solo rng is terrible and dread to see what 10 is like as cant even survive on m5 at moment properly! but send you request

Sent some extra stuff to help rip through

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many thanks though m10 guns seems quite buffed up!

Trust me, they aren’t if you are on M10, lol.

compared to cutsmans i was using they are haha

No doubt, hope they help you out.

they will now to try for m10 transformer!

I will send you one if you want, but shields don’t really level up with mayhem levels, they level with player level

up to you but you done so much alreadly, as feel like paying you back when i cant haha

Sent you one, but all level 60 shields will be the same regardless of mayhem level

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Anybody have an idea why I’m unable spawn a vehicle at the catch a ride in the bounty of blood dlc?

no idea there as not even bothered with new dlc yet

did you complete a mission where there is a hover vehicle in a shed, if not you haven’t activated it yet. You can only use the hover beast in the dlc