Anybody Wanna Hook Up and Play

Not really looking for anybody in particular. If you wanna play, just hit me up. I’ll do some legendary grinding or boss killing. Just shoot me a message, I’ll be on for a few hours. See you bros online. PSN: BLTPS_FTW

Me me me im gonna be on in 3 hours probz. Acc xxmatapuercoxx69

I’m cool to play my PSN is Jakiemo123 I have a level27 Fragtrap with all skills but not maxed I have equipped level 19 Trickshot Maggie, Level 18 Stotic Torrent, Level 23 Bonus Dispatch,and Level 26 Bad Touch Stalker and hoping to get better guns by farming maybe Igwajira whatever his name is so Yeah hit me up so we can play

Ps I don’t have a mike and I’m on PS3

heey dude i lost my saves and am now lvl 5 care to help me lvl up a bit and we can grind some legendaries togheter, there are some quick and easy ways that i know but it’s better to do with 2 people

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sup dudes i could really use some leveling up my psn is : nightwingisboss