Anybody want these? Lf a couple of things

  • Wunderkind The Butcher - (melee attacks have 25% chance to apply terror to yourself)
  • Insulated Stop-Gap - cryo resist / melee attacks have 25% chance to apply terror to yourself)
  • Double Penetrating The Boring Gun - radiation
  • Speedy Recovery Front Loader - annointed Gunner (after exiting Iron Bear kills increase cooldown)
  • Berzerker Rocket Boots - action skill cooldown / max health / incendiary dmg
  • Ice Breaker Safegaurd - cryo dmg / incendiary resist / cryo resist
  • Deep Dive Face-Puncher - while terrified deal 50% cryo dmg
  • Ghast Call grenade - corrosive
  • Negating The Dictator - cryo
  • Hostile Fearmonger - fire / while terrified deal 50% cryo dmg
  • Cryo Stone Otto Idol - cryo dmg / irradiate chance / radiation dmg

Looking For -

  • any Flesh Melter artifact - with corrosive dmg / action skill cooldown
  • any Ice Breaker artifact - with action skill cooldown
  • any Knife Drain artifact - with melee dmg / action skill cooldown
  • any Atom Balm artifact - with action skill cooldown
  • any Otto Idol artifact - with action skill cooldown
  • Skeksil pistol - cryo / radiation / fire with iron sights or 1.8 zoom
  • Queens Call - cryo / corrosive / with sights
  • Double-Penetrating Laser-Sploder - fire / with 3.3 weapon zoom
  • Butcher - fire / radiation / cryo / corrosive
  • Conference Call - fire / shock / corrosive / non elmt
  • Lyuda - shock / corrosive

Can I get the cat purse deathless gt outrunjohnboy thank you

Sure thing. I’ll have to send it to you tomorrow though. I’m going to bed.

What ya want for „Kings Call“?
Ain‘t got much, maybe you want something from Earl? skins…

In got a fire cutsman, id like you fire kings call

If possible can i see a pic of the safeguard?

I would like the cutpurse deathless! Been looking forever. Gamertag b4d w01f
Should have a cutsman

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been on all day, but my daughter had a basketball game today. Ok. So… I would rather TRADE than give away. Sorry. I’ll hit you guys up through P.M.




I’d be interested in that Ghast Call! I have a few items from your list. Gamertag: Undisputed Dave

Ok. It’s kind of undetermined when I can jump on today. But, I’ll definitely send it over to you at some point today.

Spending time with the family. You know.

Roger that. I’m in no hurry. I have a corrosive Stabby Nassty SkekSil, aaand apparently not the other two things I thought I still had :frowning: edit now have radiation butcher again!

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anything for sirens ?

Alright. Cool. I would like to try out that Skeksil. I’ve been farming the flying Skag in Ascension Bluff for like three days. That IS who drops them right? I dont know.

Anyways yeah I’d like that pistol and I’ll send your item over to you when I can

I JUST got my Siren up to 50 dude. Haven’t even been able to start farming with her yet. Sorry. When I do though, I’ll throw some up for trade.

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