Anybody want these?

  • Firesale Humongous Long Musket (annointed - ASE life steal)
  • Compressing Kill o the Wisp (annointed - ASE next 2 mags extra shock dmg)
  • Atom Balm Cosmic crater artifact (heavy dmg / action skill cooldown / cryo dmg)
  • Grave artifact (FFYL movement speed / action skill cooldown)
  • Berzerker Deathless artifact (weapon accuracy / corrosive dmg / melee dmg)

I would love a trade rather than giveaway but if you dont have what I want oh well. I’ll just sell it if nobody wants it.

I’m looking for -
Cryo Lyuda - not the Annexed variant
Unforgiven - with sights
Burning Flakker
Radiation Lucian’s Call - with sights