Anybody want this "Red Letter Day" commando skin?

Was running through the highlands and a chubby dropped this skin, since I’ve no plans to make a axton build, if anybody wants it they can message my GT: BeyondTheCurse. I’ll just drop it an leave, no trade required, only thing I want is gaige’s Xxx head but no one seems to have one so, meh lol. First come first served and all that :L

Anything else you’re looking for? I’m always down for some skins, but I like to repay those as well.

Na bro, Only the Rare XXX head :L can’t even think of anything else there’s so much stuff! Lol. Farmed terry for hours with no luck :confused: maybe someday I’ll get it or bullet in my bonnet :slight_smile: I had Xxx on my 360 save but because I made a new character I can’t use it :frowning: lol. If you ever have a spare one let me know :slight_smile: that or the one which makes your character look completely white lol. But, anyways! I still have the skin here :slight_smile: hit me up if you want it :slight_smile: