Anybody want this stagecoach?

Im lookin for g rolls mods and artifacts for any vault hunter and good flakk guns.
Psn syn_theeo

Raises hand …

PSN; Mourning6lory

Do u have any god rolls mods or artifacts? Idc what character. Or good flakk guns

I definitely want that. What are you looking for exactly? I have some real nice gear for FL4K.

PSN: Sefiroh

I have a bunch of stuff to trade. At work at the moment but will get a list together for you when I get home.

Idk man do u have god roll bounty hunter lvl53?

More than likely. Not sure what you consider a G Roll though.

I typically go with Cosmic Stalker coms but definitely have some good Bounty Hunter coms.

Ok hit me up when u get home and ill check ur mods. Thank u

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I have GRolls on multiple mods. BH, CS, STKBOT.

Ok add me syn_theeo

You may as well trade it to Sefiroh my Bounty Hunter coms are all lvl 50.

Do u have any other good flakk, zane, moze or amara coms?

I recently switched over from ps4 to pc and most of my ps4 gear is still lvl 50 but I do have some good 53 lvl stuff but mostly weapons.

Sent u fr

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I’m down to trade you some upgraded coms if you want. On ps4. Just an FYI.

I want a copy add mightguyyo I’ll trade