Anybody wants to trade? I have a lot of legendary weapons. (PS3)

I have been farming for legendary weapons and there are some weapons that I don’t want to farm because they drop multiple legendary weapons or they take too long to farm. I don’t want to farm The warrior or Vermiverous the Invicible. I’m willing to trade some of my legendary weapons for the ones I want. Here is a list of all the orange weapons that I have (Includes prefixes)

Assault Rifles
Wyld Ass Madhous!
Breach Veruc (Bayonet Variant)
Nasty KerBlaster
Deadshot Hammer Buster

Floated Hornet
Bowie Maggie (bayonet variant)
Rapid Infinity (also have corrosive infinity)
Expeditious Thunderball Fists
Clean Gunerang
Dubble Gub
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Rocket Launchers
dippity Tunguska (pearlascent)
gaa dunk ga Nukem
Prudential Pyrophobia
Victorious Mongol
Roket Pawket Badaboom (explosive elemental)
Bustling Bunny

Reactive Conference Call
Well Kept Striker
Sidewinder Striker
Sledge’s Shotgun
Extra Large Deliverance
Sunny Blockhead (not orange, but unique blue rarity from Badass Creepers)

Stoic Emperor
Guaranteed Baby Maker
Acuminous HellFire (bayonet variant)
Cutting Edge Bitch (bayonet variant)
Proactive Bitch
Agresive Bone Shredder (not orange, but unique purple rarity from BoneHead 2.0)

Sniper Rifles
Skorry Lyuda
Britva Lyuda (bayonet variant)
Tumtum Skullmasher
Longitudinal Invader (fire elemental)
Venture Longbow (orange E-tech)
Zammerchat Patriot (seraph rarity)

Blood of Terramorphous

Class Mod
Slayer of Terramorphous mod (commando)

Sticky Longbow Bonus Package
Sticky Homing Bonus Package
Rubberized Pandemic (corrosive)
Lobbed Storm Front
Sticky Homing Bouncing Bonny (corrosive)
Homing Fire Bee
Rolling thunder

Grounded Bee aka The Bee Shield (immune to electrocution)
The Transformer (25% absorbed chance)
The Sham (83% absorbed chance)
Fabled Tortoise
Black Hole
The Cradle

*All Weapons are at level 50.

Want I want to trade for:
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Shield
Quasar Grenade
Fastball Grenade
Legendary Class mods from Vemivorous (all characters please) *if possible
Legendary skins/heads from Vermivorous (all Characters please) *if possible
Nasty Surprise Grenade

Once I have people with the desired guns. I will check mark the guns and will not trade anymore once I have all the guns that I want from the list.

How exactly can you change the level of an item?

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I use the Gibbed Modding. I can change the in game level and manufacture level. I think I can change my legendary weapons to OP if you want to trade, but I’m not sure it’s possible. If you have a OP I think I change it to my level. I’m not sure.

That’s what I thought. Discussion of Gibbed and / or offering to modify items isn’t allowed on the Forums, since Gibbed is a 3rd party utility that violates both Microsoft’s and Sony’s TOS.

Forum ID: Poisd2Strike
GT: Poisd2Strike
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Ahh no…None of this is okay. Thrid party software use on consoless violates its ToS as well as these forums rules.
And the trading of modded gear regardless is prohibited.