Anybody willing to give away or trade am looking enhanced bloodletter class mod

As the title suggests M simply desperately hunting down any way possible an enhanced bloodletter class mod for moze?


I’m pretty sure I have one you have a redundant brainstormer anoited in ASE the next 2 mags will have bonus elemental damage? Or a fire/shock dictator?

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Just checked and I do have an enhanced Bloodletter w/ 28% splash damage, +5 grenade cap, and atlas weapon fire rate.

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I can give you one. What’s your gt?
I’m not on right now, but I will be later and I can send it to you in the mail.

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Hey man I’m in need of that mod!! What would you like for it!

Gt: The Lemonader

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Thanks for the help guys!!

TheLemonader… I only have one thanks to the help from the guys here at the moment… but if I do come across 1 of the same type I would be more than happy to share it with you and will let you know on here