Anyone able to help me out with Op levels 4-8 (SOLVED)

Hello everyone, I am currently OP 3 as a sniper Zero and have ran solo and legit all the way up to my current level. I have been trying to get up my OP levels for a few weeks now and am able to get to the final bosses but not able to fully take them down. I am looking for someone to run with me to beat the rest to op 8. I don’t want any gear given to me or any glitches or hacks or anything, Just a second player who is legit just like myself to run through it. If you want to run raid bosses, other bosses, need help with anything or even just screw around I am able to return the favor and am available almost 24/7. Please reply if interested or with any questions. Thank you

I can help you out dude.

PSN: Mini_Holmesy