Anyone able to play right now on PC?

Epic Game servers down? Is this because of the Fortnite event today?

Logging in to Epic right now and it’s stuck on “Verifying”

Edit: “Service temporarily unavailable”

Oh well, it’s not like I have 600 other games in my Steam library right lol

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epic is down u can now see why people hated it u cant even play in offline now since u need to log in in the epic but since epic is down u cant login which means u cant play borderlands 3 :smiley:

This sucks, can’t login so can’t play, just stuck at verifying screen, and when it gets past it, it says there’s a problem, try again later, so i can’t even play offline :frowning:

The required you to go online before you can go offline is the most BS thing in PC gaming. What does it achieve?

One good thing about console is no such BS.

Nope, can’t play. Epic is Broken. 2k chose the best platform :rofl:


Epic launcher was soo close at making me not buy BL3…

Knew i shouldve gone with my gut feeling


And this is the major problem with games as a service; if you can’t access the service, you can’t play your game(s).

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cant log in , cant play offline , all that loot i’m missing from the rare event now


can’t play the game we paid for, no comment from gearbox they’ve been dropping the ball hard lately
just switch us over to steam so we can actually play, have this special event going on and the majority of your playerbase can’t play the game because of the garbage launcher you decided to team up with. Terrible decisions from gearbox/2k, and they don’t seem to care as they’re not responding nor taking any kind of responsibility


I’m about to just demand a refund and delete, all these issues, no transparency from gearbox, no resolutions, just terrible customer service at this point. Paid $100 for a game that I can barely play (and don’t get me started on the max level 10 legendary equipment for the super deluxe pack, garbage value for the money); from the game not being optimized at launch to the epic games launcher ■■■■■■■ up time and time again. Losing hours of progress due to this launcher and nothing from gearbox/2k for any type of resolution or reimbursement of time lost in this game.

“let’s not apologize for our terrible launch let’s come out with this nice event, oh but here’s the kicker, the epic games launcher will be down so they can’t even play it!”

Like come on, their first “hot patch” was to dial back legendary drops instead of concentrating on optimizing the game to be at least playable.


Just got back in…lets hope it lasts…

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Got back in but can’t launcher Borderland 3. So half hooray

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There is a balance team, working on balance. There is an optimization team, working on optimization.

Balance changes are relatively quick and easy to produce, like altering numerical values via hotfix. Optimisation covers the entire game as it runs, sounds, visual, combat, skins, etc etc and is harder to produce.

Harder stuff takes longer.


While I agree with you, it’s still concerning that the game was released with talents not working at all, in any circumstances. (And not like happenstance bug)

Listen, no-one at gearbox wants anyone to be not enjoying their game. They are working on resolving as much as they can, as quickly as they can.

They don’t give much info ahead of a fix being applied because they know that some things don’t go according to plan. If they give a date for a patch, for example, and something prevents delivery of that patch, then we get a disappointment added to frustration.

I fully understand that there are other ways of handling info, but that seems to be gbx policy. Although I must say that they are more forthcoming than they used to be…for example, when they added extra levels to BL1, only one area scaled up to that level and it was months before we heard about a fix.


I was logged in since last night and this didnt affect me at all, so just keep the luancher in your task bar

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Epic Games Store manages to be worse than Origin, and Origin is like, super terrible. Well, I’m lucky that I am a console player, but I hope they fix it soon so you guys can play.


Well having played STW I knew this would happen today so login in early, close the launcher. I’ve had BL3 running all day today with no problems, because I did login early. I put up with that a lot playing STW, which always bows to BR.