Anyone available to run Digipeak tonight?

I made a similar thread earlier, but i havent yet heard from anybody and was planning on trying digipeak again tonight to unlock the OP levels which im finding, given my skill level and gear, impossible to solo past OP 4, so I’ll post in the proper section again.

I’m US EST, so its 640 pm for me now-
I’m available throughout the rest of the day so if you’re able to run through the peak with me, please PM/Reply :D!
If you’re not yet at OP 4 that’s okay too, I can redo OP 1-4 with anyone who wants to finish all the way to 8 with me

I’ve only ever played solo though so please PM me on the details of
how multiplayer works so we can match and do this together. haha

Hoping I’ll be able to find a partner :slight_smile:

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