Anyone can explain this freaking abnormal fact to me?

This is the most terrible and heartbreaking match i’ve ever played, and i’m so pissed. This is the screenshot, again, i’m so pissed. We had great advantage and pushed to their second tower, then we realized our tower was attacked by some unknown power, which deals extremely high damage. We were shocked, but then we sent back one of our teammates to see what was happening, at the same time we were attacking their tower. It turned out was mike sneaked into our base. Anyway the damage didn’t stop. But that’s not the point, we tried our best to destroy their tower before our tower 's health reduced to 0, and our average score is way higher than theirs. We thought we finally win, so close. However when we saw the result popped out, we are so shocked and ■■■■■■■ pissed, it showed we lost! How the hell was that supposed to happen? I just can’t believe it, what kind of crap design is that?


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@JoeKGBX As a official staff could you give us a reasonable explanation?

Mike killed your Sentry?

When the game is even it first checks which sides sentries have the lowest health and then if its a tie it will check Score.
So what happend was your sides Sentry had lower health then theirs or it was dead.

I red here on forums that there is an approximately 5 second long timewindow where damage can still be dealt while the end-screen pops up. Maybe the rival OM unleashed his Ult on your tower(Sentry?) in the last seconds and the damgage was dealt offscreen.
Its frustrating for sure.

Backdooring is a legit strategy, bud. They had no other option from the sound of it.

Maybe you should consider being more aware in the future. And yes, we all know(and are equally frustrated) that the warning for your sentry being attacked is not as visible or obvious as it should be, but it is something that you should account for. Especially if there is an Oscar Mike on the opposing team. He cant kill a sentry faster than you can send a person back to stop him unless it was already at low health when you were all focused on pushing in enemy territory. The person that returned was either too slow to back, or not talented enough to find and kill the OM before he finished off your sentry.


Am I understanding this wrong? I was under the impression that he out damaged your team single handed and killed the sentry before you guys could.

Or are you saying that you guys killed their sentry but he killed yours at the same time and they won?

It’s very improbable for one Oscar Mike to out dps another Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot in a damage race (plus whatever your other teammates that didn’t go back could do). Especially since he wasn’t level 10 with the insane single area damage ult upgrade. (Assuming your sentry was also at full health)

As i said, we destroyed their sentry first, definitely, but we lost anyway, which I can’t understand.

Isnt there a Objective/Sentry damage statistic in that screen?

No the fact is we destroyed theirs first and then we lost.

Oh, well, in that case that sounds like a crappy way to handle wins/losses, sorry to hear it bud.

I have seen tie scored games like this decided by “First Blood”. I lost a similar match when both teams had the same score yet my team had the better score. The game decided to use the first team to kill someone I’m guessing.

It’s okay, just a game but i think they need to make sure this won’t happen again fot other players .

Probably, that can explain this result , but why not the average player score. Technically It’s more important than the first kill.

I agree but I’ve lost matches when my team had higher player score/average. They are revamping the scoreboard so maybe they will tweak how we win when Sentry score is even.

Pretty sure Mikey used a Space Laser

Backdooring certainly IS a legit strategy… were it not currently taking advantage of two glitches.

The first being that the UI doesn’t actually indicate that a sentry is under fire with any sort of reliability…
the second being the fact that everyone that backdoors shoots the sentry from glitch spots where the sentry doesn’t even attempt to fire back at you.

If the devs would actually address that BS, then backdooring wouldn’t leave the rotten cheese taste in peoples mouths that it currently does.

Nothing in your original post says that. All I see is:

we tried our best to destroy their tower before our tower 's health reduced to 0

It’s odd. I’ve never seen a 0-0 score on incursion before. Would have to see the video for the last moments to verify that you killed their sentry first.

The only possible explanation is that even though it appeared that you destroyed their sentry first, in reality the other team destroyed yours first. Online multiplayer games have a mechanism to make the game seem seamless when you play but the reality is that there is delays between the information being passed around.

That’s why when you play games with a death cam (CoD) You think that’s BS I know I shot him first. The kill cam shows something totally different.

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Had something similar in one game where Marquis and Mike were backdooring our sentry while my team was finishing off their sentry.

I ran back to stop/stall them and, sure enough, we killed their sentry first, but they destroyed ours while the final few seconds played out and they were awarded the win.

From what I could make out the game considers the victors the team who destroys the sentry LAST, rather than first (probably assuming that the final few seconds wouldn’t allow the opposing team to get the kill in).

There was no “Defeat by average player score” message that one would associate with a stalemate game. Was super frustrating as I’d already stopped two backdoor attempts by Marquis…

In an Incursion, the enemy team destroyed our sentry first and during the last few seconds I destroyed theirs. We won based on having a higher average score.

Dunno what happened here.