Anyone care to help two noobs in the story?

Hello, my friend and I are on TVHM and we’re looking to see if anyone can give us a hand. We’re just looking to rush through the story. We are currently on the Wildlife preservation and are levels 36 and 41. Anyone who could really just help us rush through TVHM and maybe even UVHM, we’d really appreciate it. We can “speedrun” the game if you’d like, where we both go to the next checkpoints and work together. Thanks!

EDIT: GT is Riot Zachary. Playing on Xbox One.

Hey @ricecreampuff. I dropped you over to the Online Play Section, so you’ll have better chances of finding a partner.

Best of luck!

Oh, thanks man! New to the forums here. Appreciate it!

No problem @ricecreampuff.

Don’t hesitate to PM me or the mods if you have any specific questions.

If you want send me a message on Xbox 1 and I will be more then happy to help out.
GT = Name