Anyone collect perfect purples?

Just wondering! if so, which ones are your favorites?

Ravager, Anarchist, and Droog are my go to purps

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As I told you before, I’m trying to collect a set of purple Jakobs weapons for my Jakobs allegiance Zer0. I’m looking for a Muckamuck, Iron, Coach Gun, Quad and Gattling Gun, all as close to perfect as possible. I’m also feeding Buttstallion all the Eridium I get in hopes that he will poop out Citrine versions of those weapons, also as close to perfect as possible. I managed to collect one of each already (except for the Muckamuck), but they’re far from perfect. Some of them are good enough, though. I have a feeling this is going to take a while. Other than those, the only purple weapon I keep is the perfect Casual Ravager I got from Mr. Tinder Snowflake a while ago.


I have a large collection of Ravagers, but I also have a lot of Muckamucks, Diaubs and Dahl-barreled Repeaters.

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Do you guys have a Ravager with 9 rounds and 339,000+ damage? been rrying to get my hands on one for a LONG time. i have one with max samage at 440,000+ something and 8 rounds.

yes its adaptive shield pretty easy to get and I collect perfect glitch guns instead especially pepperbox I have diffrent glitch effects pepperboxes in my storage character

Ravengers,anarchist,drogs,any other quad barrel shotgun,Dahl mini guns,bushwhacks and coach guns. There’s a lot of really good purples.

Can we expect a trade thread from adamplaga soon?

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Me and him our both on ps3 so if you wanna trade and your on ps3 just pm me. If I have it will make a deal, if your not up for trading hit up tanks shop.

Are yu referring to me? if you do have it, i’d love to make a deal. Also, i made this thread because i was curious. it seems people only collect unques andblegends.

I was just telling him that if he wanted/needs to trade he can pm me. If I do ever find a neat perfect or perfect purple.I’ll.let you know.

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Thank you! and i have a few nice Torgue weapons too if you needed.

I go for what works for me and those are generally uniques and legendaries. I do have a Rock Ravager I sometimes use though.

No people also collect glitch weapons too

Jakobs, Torgue and Vladof have good purples to collect. Also, Maliwan sniders are good sniper rifles and Dahl Miniguns are good assault rifles.

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“Borderlands 2”

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oops I mean seraph they same color get them confused sometimes haha

[quote=“Eel37, post:4, topic:1352619, full:true”]I have a large collection of Ravagers, but I also have a lot of Muckamucks, Diaubs and Dahl-barreled Repeaters</font color>.[/quote]Twin prefix?

Prefix doesn’t really matter. Dahl-barreled ones are perfectly usable without a specific prefix. I do like the Twin prefix on the Hornet a lot.

@Eel37 I know, and especially in elemental. That OP8 Twin Repeater (fire) I have is like a damn machinegun, especially with a Shadow/Seraphs or TwoFang.

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