Anyone die a lot in the Scraptrap Nest?

Maybe it’s because I throw around so much elemental and DOT’s that it’s not even funny, but maybe some of what I throw around hits me and I swear it’ll eat my shields in a second, and then put me into FFYL a second later. That and all the water getting elemental’d from my gear probably doesn’t help.

I love that place - so many enemies all at once. They’re all relatively weak, so as long as I’m constantly on the move, I’m fine (MM2 here). That’s where I got my record 37 Phalanx stacks with Moze.

Right, I guess though between Infusion, a Vindicator Ghast Call, and a BOTD I’m going to get hit with a lot of my own elemental stuff. At least for my Amara.

Most of the time if I go down it’s because I’m walking backwards shooting and then I get stuck on something. LoL

Minesweeper moze. Got put in ffyl by my own bombs a few times. Those robots are fast, it is hard to get distance from them.

I’ve run a driver build Amara and Zane through on M3. Both went into FFYL a couple of times, but due to my own stupidity.
With the driver com, I have discovered you can put out too much elemental on yourself…

His boring gun substitute is a lil strong imop; but have no issues with the little clappers due to singularity nades, they’re like paperclips to a magnet

I think it’s still just a case of elemental cascade failure, when you get hit so hard that you hear that “shield break” sound several times right before dying.

there is the water propagating elemental effect , I jump a lot and do not backtrack it is fairly easy to kill yourself

Get yourself a brainstormer (shotty) and as long as you are specced into lifesteal you will never go down in any mayhem mode

That place with a Ties That Bind Amara with a corrosive Cutsman is fun. Ten kills in one shot!

My Amara is in and out of ffyl alot during that battle too. I love my DP thorn but clap traps love hugs more.

On my fade away Fl4k with run speed on my relic they do manage to keep up with me - the faster I run, the faster they go. They stay on me even while invisible. Still, that place is fun with a nukem - you just have to be careful not to fire it too close to your feet. Moving constantly is definitely important. I also found a place on the wall where they generally can’t get to you, although honestly I have more fun taking advantage of the fact that they can’t jump or climb to gain distance.

keep moving, use a corrosive mod on shield or nade ( +50% damage after action skill ) spam brainstomer, lil dead melting claps everywhere :slight_smile:

oh and an acid linoge or skeksil or trevonator for boss :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
if you have the corrosive bonus on shield you could easily spam the ghost nade as well
= frightened melting lil claps every where :slight_smile:

I love that place btw, reminds me of the hordes of rebel Claptraps coming at you in the Robolution DLC for BL1. :smiley:

My main corrosive weapon is an anointed Breath of the Dying. It’s perfect for the DLC, except with the Scraptraps, I’m killing myself left and right from all the weapon procs, but then I get 2nd wind just as quickly. It’s a bit silly, and fun. I just wish there was a fast travel point closer to the nest to make it easier to farm.

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I don’t particularly love the place but have run it on TVHM M4 with Fl4k & Amara, NVHM M4 with Zane & didn’t die. Basically, shoot running backwards when you can, run around the circle to recover if needed! Also – grenades! They respawn in a lot. It’s not that I’m any good but just well practiced with the “running in circles” strategy! I also have a corrosive Cutsman that destroys 90% of the things in that DLC. I keep trying other weapons but go back to the Cutsman since it just kills faster.

There is one outside the gorgeous armada fight (mayor crew challenge) its only a 20 second sprint to the scraptrap nest from there

That’s a save point, not a fast travel station, but still you could quit and reload like when farming Gigamind. But I actually figured out an easier way to farm this boss. Once he’s dead, you simply walk to the edge of the container that leads you out to the next area, without jumping down, then turn around and come back into the nest and everything will reset. Rinse, repeat.

Apologies I misread that :man_facepalming: I havn’t had the morning coffee yet, I did not know that about the reset, I will definitely check that out later cheers for that, and yeah just on topic that fast travel would be nice :+1: