Anyone disappointed not seeing most of the BL2 Vault Hunters from BL3

When I was watching a let’s play of BL3 I was disappointed that only two vault hunters made a real cameo in BL3, where are the others hmmm? I hope we get there return in future DLC, as well as, a Krieg story where he goes for an endless rampage.

Lilith and Brick are the two you’re talking about, no? Zer0 has a small role, where quite a bit of Moxxi’s Heist is (for me) the closure of Timothy’s story arc. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see more in future content.

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I was talking about Maya and Zero

I’m only waiting for Athena right now.

I’m only waiting for Athena right now.

To come back from the dead?

Thats spoilers plz, don’t post spoilers in general discussion

I mean… Sure, a little but not really.
I’d rather have BL3 being about BL3 than doing fan service like we see (saw) way too much in other franchises. Beside the game is young and there’s plenty of time (DLC’s) to come.
Gotta admit I’m kinda eager to see my BL2 main back on board though.

They didn’t show up because the story writers needed Ava to be seen as a legitimate choice(lol) to lead the crimson raiders at the end of the game. If Axton, salvador or even a cured krieg had been in the game, they would be obvious choice of leaders thus undermining the developers pet character Ava. It’s also why brick, tina, and mordecai are barely in the game.

There are too many characters that are better choices for leading the crimson raiders than ava. Instead of explaining through good storytelling why ava should lead. The writers decided to make her the only choice by default via removing all other options

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