Anyone down to play?

Hey guys I’m gonna be playing tonight and seeing if anyone wants to play BL2 or BLPS. I’m working on getting back to OP lvls on BL2 with my 63 Axton and just been legendary farming on BLPS. I’m down to do whatever though so if anyone wants to play my XBL GT: PacDre 88 I’ll be on round 8 or 9 West Coast Time. If ur down to play send me a friend request or I have smartglass so u can message me too. Can also do pwr lvls and walkthroughs for lower lvl charaters. Looking orward to playing.

If you’re up to play with a level 45 gunzerker, I’m down! I’m trying to level up so I can get through TVHM and UVHM a bit quicker. I’ll be on about the same time. I’ll go ahead and add/message you. My GT: foshodydody91

I’m up for whatever. New play-through or I have a level 49 Commando, 52 Siren, 31 Gunzerker. I’d like to start a new Psycho. Gamer tag is Cancer Puppet