Anyone else annoyed by “breathing” sounds while sprinting?

Maybe it’s my stereo system but I’m curious if anyone else is annoyed by Moze’s breathing sounds while sprinting.

My roommate thought i was watching porn yesterday because Moze was furiously moaning while sprinting.

I have dialogue volume at 100% because no one in the game can speak clearly EXCEPT MR. MOTHERF$&KING TORGUE, but still it just seems like Moze really, really, breathes loudly while sprinting.

Not during combat of course but just while your sprinting around.

I’m curious if anyone else feels this way, or if its just me having too much time on my hands to be bothered by small things.



Its get annoying after the 100th time you had heard it.

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Same with Amara. She’s a very porny runner. :wink:

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Lmao, exactly. Sounds like they are doing a little bit more than running.

My wife even made the same type comment. She was in the other room and came in wondering what I was watching.


Just as bad as any past borderlands. Nothing new.

This is why I love playing as Fl4k, he’s a robot so he doesn’t feel exhausted = no sprint moan.


Annoyed? No. After playing a bit, I don’t even really notice things like this.

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yeah dude. my girlfriend asking me too :rofl:


yeah its a little weird. im glad my parents never walked in while i was playing bl3

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thats definitely the best word I’ve heard yet to describe it lol

You get a like

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Wow I’ll definitely put that in the pros column for FL4K.

Just curious Does Fl4K make pain sounds and other sounds?



This made me laugh.

I’m kind of used to it from previous Borderlands games but yes, it’s kind of ridiculous. You’d think these VH Badasses would be in better physical shape but instead are wheezing their guts up after running for a few seconds :rofl:


Riiiiiiight lol

Maybe in a DLC they will give Moze an inhaler because this b*tch got asthma

Or better yet forget about sprint sounds all together, that kind of immersion isn’t fooling anybody.

I can definitely still tell I’m sitting in my recliner in real life. Haha

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