Anyone else annoyed with mayhem ten balancing

Okay, so what is going on with borderlands mayhem 2.0. There is so much stuff that I say needs to be fixed. Like the annointed enemies are stronger then some minor bosses, it takes me way longer that is not right. None of Fl4k’s other abilities are applicable now except for fade away. There are over 100 of legendaries but people only use like 10 or 20 because they are too weak to use and that makes me sad because I love smart gun XXL and i can only use it like up to mayhem level 4 at most. Players will go for purple gear before legendaries because purple gear isn’t getting nerfed and is more applicable which should never be the case. Also the agonizer 9000 is not dropping M10 loot.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I wrong?


You are right. But I think, they know it by now :slight_smile:
Forum is full with it.


Well I hope they fix it because I miss using all these other legendaries


Ya, the itemization is pretty bad. I don’t bother to look at the piles of legendaries that drop unless it’s something I want that is specific to a particular boss. Playing on M10, you can only use the top tier gear, and even then it just takes way too long to kill mobs.


Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they add the Skullmasher and Cocky Bastard to the loot pool with the last update? I’m sure I read that in the patch notes.

DID THEY? If they did I totally missed that

THEY DID!!! I can’t believe I missed that, thanks for tell me! I just edited the post :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing sometimes. I’m still having fun with the game, don’t get me wrong. I’m only on Mayhem 3-4 right now, so not sure if much changes on higher Mayhem. I suppose it’s quite difficult to have variety, usability and balance with weapons. Something will get left out. I just wish there wasn’t such a vast number of useless Legendaries. It’s like 75-80% useless.

I’ve suggested this before, but if they created a drop filter tab in the echo where you had like maybe tick boxes to filter out the junk, that would be great. Something like “has anointment”, and if you tick it, only items that have an anointment would be visible when loot drops. If they created enough filters, everything would be so much better and faster when farming.

No I feel the same way the lob isn’t even able to do enough damage imo on higher mayhem levels lol

That was a problem before Mayhem 2.0. Mayhem 2.0 just makes it painfully obvious now.


No it’s obvious gearbox doesn’t know what they are doing how long has it been oh that’s right close to half a year now and the game is a mess -.- at this point it’s more depressing than any thing

*edit: any one who want prove me wrong as they did buff moze to all hell the patch that out making the buffs worthless lol I mean they got payed for that right? How has no one been fired at this point imagine cleaning the windows because your boss asks you he then comes along and tells you what an amazing job you did and then you just smash every windows in front of him lol

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