Anyone else annoyed with security bears bubble shield?

Like seriously, i don’t get the point in it in theory it’s useful but most enemy’s in Tvhm pull a Ryanhardt and run right through it (While on the subject i noticed that the expensive miniguns hurt you but the missiles don’t XD another issue when enemy’s are melee happy

So just an idea or two

1 Make it so the shield is form fitting (Enemy’s can’t walk through it) and it turns into the bubble version in auto bear mode. (Also having a shield bar over the armor would be a nice qol change)


2 Change it to where 20% of mozes shields are now treated as iron bear armor scaling, along with a Elemental resistance (Less then perfect Idea i know ^^;)

Just some personal thoughts, maybe I’m just getting Overwatch ptsd ^^;

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Remember it is a bubble because you can also spec it so a teammate can ride on your mech. So in theory it is to protect you and allies (in the bubble) from projectile damage coming from outside the bubble.

Fair enough I’m just not a fan of defensive abilities that enemy’s can walk through

or the fact my explosive minigun seems to destroy my own shield from a mile away XD

That is also fair. If enemies have to be allowed to enter the bubble for balance reasons then perhaps they could give us a countermeasure as well.

Perhaps add a set (static) element to the bubble to damage all enemies that melee or walk through it, or make it so whatever element Moze’s equipped gun has when entering IB decides the bubble’s element. I think a radiation bubble would be cool, but the devs would probably pick shock or cryo if they added a set element to it.