Anyone else Blue Screening?

I posted in technical support as well, but I’m just curious here as to how many of you are getting BSOD’s even without the game running since installing BL3. Never has my PC blue screened, but since installing BL3 I blue screen every 10 minutes whether or not I launch the game. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Did you install any Windows 10 updates at the same time? Because Windows Updates have been buggy as hell for the last couple years.

The last Windows update I willingly installed was about a year and a half ago when people were having major issues with their GeForce 10XX cards. People are telling me now that I should update Windows because it will help solve the issues. I don’t want to do it, but I’m also sick of my PC crashing lol.

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um yeah you should update windows… lol sounds like your culprit right there.

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Im on the latest Version of Windows, updated my BIOS (Asus z370g) and my graphic drivers (GeForce 1080ti). The Game causes a lot of bluescreens. I never had bluescreens when playing the previous 2 Games or any other.
I am running on max graphic settings, with dx12 disabled.

I dont think my drivers or Hardware are the cause. Like i said, other Games and Benchmarks run fine.

I will append the dump-files later, in case someone might read something useful from them.