Anyone else come across Sloth yet or did I imagine it

A few days back I was clearing a pack of mobs (no clue what zone I really can’t recall sorry)

I was melting through the zone on MH3 and things were dying quick, but I could swear I saw one of the melting mobs that give piggy backs to the midgets named Sloth and a really fat midget that looked like Chunk from the Goonies.

Now the question is do I need more sleep??? Or has anyone else noticed this?

Ive seen that one before… I think it was in the Abandoned Dahl Mine but Im not 100% on that part.

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Yes got , Its Piss Grenade mod today.Was waiting for the event because the spawn rate was very low.Worth it.It works well and maybe can be used in a build in the future.

And yeah its in Konrad’s Hold

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Thanks buddy it was so fast on my screen I could not be certain haha :slight_smile:

Lots of fun easter eggs it seems.

Dahl mine could defo be right or maybe Jacobs cellars I can vaguely remember conveyor belts and machinery scenery wise so those would be fitting.

Awesome thanks guys!

Yup, I smoked Sloth and Captain Chunk, then laughed my head off when I noticed the names.

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Heyyyyyyyyyy you guuuuuyyyys!

Thanks for all confirming my sanity now I can print this as proof to the head of the Asylum i’m in.

im still perfecting my truffle shuffle

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