Anyone else concerned about the gameplay video?

watched the e3 gameplay video and i am…concerned about how the game looks. new menus, weapon stat pop ups, basically everything on the HUD. i might just be used to the look of BL2 and the pre-sequel but it looks too different for me even though i want to still play it.

I binge-watched a LOT of gameplay of Borderlands 3 and at first I found the weapon cards to be hard on the eyes, especially the contrast from black background to the lettering. But by now I have gotten used to it. I still like the weapon cards for BL2/TPS more, but I got used to it. And so will you probably. Its a bit of a culture-shock at first, but I heard that there were people that said the exact same when BL2 came out.

im assuming BL1 was different? i started with 2 so i dont know. im just concerned it might look “too real”. also i have only watched that one video so i might need to watch more.

Yeah, the grafical jump from BL1 to BL2 was massive on all fronts and much bigger than the jump from BL2 to BL3. Also, BL2 has a much brighter and more vibrant color sprectrum. People back then found BL2’s look too “happy”.
I think that we will get used to the changes rather quick. And with a bit of luck we might even be able to customize the HUD a bit, maybe change the colors (although there hasn’t been any official talk about that yet, I would like it nonetheless).

yup, loot instancing…im pre ordering

good one. didnt bother looking to see if anyone else posted because, you know, that requires work to do. the fact we have loot instances almost makes me want to pre order but the only thing holding back is the flashiness like the other person said. that and all my pre orders have been let downs.

For me it’s the sounds. Some of them are a teeny-tiny bit weird, it might just be a simple volume thing. Also, I really wish they have actual mouse+keyboard for the next event. Christ it’s painful to watch joystick aiming for me.

Honestly. I don’t like BL1 or BL2s cards that much? BL1 isn’t fair cause I’m just kinda like “omg, it looks so old”. But BL2 tried really hard to make it and the Menu feel like you’re really the character seeing it, going so far as to have little draw lines in them if you have the brightness up super high. I’m just not super thrilled with the cards in BL2 but I never really cared cause it just existed as a way to see the info.

But I kinda really like the BL3 cards. They’ve got crisp lines. They feel like they’d be in a rolodex :joy:.

Okay. I’m gonna say it because I just realized it. They look like night mode. And I have my Twitter set to night mode. All my music programs set to night mode. I have sensitive eyes and these put the information in Night Mode. That’s what I like.

Being swamped with eye candy is even a problem in BL2. It can be impossible to see anything through all the effects.

huh, never had a problem with that

My only problem with it is that it doesn’t look enough like September yet.


Have you tried turning physx off? I thought it’s rather overdone too.

On console… I don’t think it’s an option. I know I probably turn down a lot of effects if that was an option.

Are you referring to physx? I don’t think that’s on console, or at least not on the ‘base’ versions.

Well I think it is different but I will give it the benefit of the doubt when I actually play it. I hated bl2 compared to 1 for like the first week or so believe it or not but damn it was near a masterpiece. So I’ll see. Seeing gameplay is not the same as the feel you get from playing.

the game looks good to me and it comes with the four new vault hunters which will make the game a lot of fun.